Michigan Lighthouse Magic
Do you know how many lighthouses there are around the Great Lakes? Did you know that Michigan is the state with the most lighthouses in the country?

Not a day goes by that I don’t learn new things from my guests.

Take the two couples who have traveled to Michigan this past week to see the many beacons of light among our lakeshores. Ed & Marie have spent many of their past year’s vacations scouting out lighthouses in the northeast and Canada, but still admire the Michigan landmarks most. Their first visit to our state came in Fall 2001, where Ed readily states that he chose to stay at Brigadoon because of our heated marble bathroom floors. "Any place that has this amenity must be very special", he has told me. He and Marie must be somewhat impressed, because they just returned for their 3rd Brigadoon vacation in 2 years – from their home state of Rhode Island. Impressive? I’d certainly say not as impressive as the hundreds of lighthouses they have visited and photographed – many of which I was privileged to view during the recent stay. But yes, I have been blessed with a wonderful bond with them – and that is most impressive to me!

Lighthouse enthusiasts are amazing people, as I also learned this week from Michael & Lisa of Lewisville, Texas. It seems that this couple grew up in Oklahoma, and just developed a fascination for Michigan history and it’s lighthouse buildings. During the past 4 years of Michigan adventures, this pair has photographed nearly every beacon on Lake Michigan, Huron, and Superior – and tell me that their pictures range in the thousands. Such enthusiasts, they shared several facts about the oldest, the haunted, the habitated, and the unreachable ones to which they ventured. Their interest led them to give me a copy of the Traveler’s Guide to 116 Michigan Lighthouses, which gives the history, a photo, and a map to each located in our state. Thanks, Michael & Lisa – I am now inspired to join you as a lighthouse devotee, and I will be sure to share this resource with my guests too!

I have greatly enjoyed the company of these two couples this past week, and have learned a lot about the majestic structures around our state’s coasts. I have also learned about many of the challenging trips getting to these destinations, whether they be on a bluff, in a dune, on the end of a pier, or on an island. Leave it to non-Michiganders to remind me what a wonderful state we live in – rich in history, landmarks, and unquestionable beauty – and appreciated a lot more today by me!

And just for the record, most publications state that Michigan is home to 116 lighthouses.

"I have been described as a lighthouse in the middle of a bog: Brilliant but useless." -Connor Cruise O'Brien.

Good fortune to you this week!

Sherree Hyde
Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast