A Vignette for Moms
Being a Mom must be a wonderful thing. Not being one myself, I often wonder what it was like for my mom to take the risk of bearing and raising children (especially me and my brothers). I admire her for taking on the challenge and in many ways, making me who I am today …

I also admire a few daughters this week who bravely took their mothers (and fathers too) on trips to celebrate their special relationships. Shannon, from Louisville KY, took time from her busy schedule as an international pilot with UPS to spend a few days with her folks Danny & Judy, who still reside in her hometown of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. A few days at Brigadoon, a few days at the Grand Hotel, and their celebration turned out to be not only a unique "island" vacation, but also one of special memories of its magic. Before they departed back to the stormy Midwest (and they have been fortunate enough to miss the bad weather down there), they stopped in to say goodbye and thanks again– and to tell me that they would have preferred to spend their last day here at Brigadoon. They tell me they will be back again soon!

We have also been graced this week with a visit from Frank & Leonarda, who are escorted on this journey by two of their three adult daughters: Celia & Lisa. This is their first trip to Michigan, and the first travels together since they were little girls growing up. Celia is an MBA Career Services Director, and Lisa is a tenured faculty member who teaches Chemistry. As they said - too many busy careers, too many years going by – they decided that this year will be the first of many more special Mother’s Day adventures to celebrate and thank their parents for their gifts of life-long love and support.

Being a Mom must be a wonderful thing. Not being one myself, I will never know firsthand what it means, but I sure admire and respect what my Mom did for me. Be sure to thank your Mom – not just today, but EVERYDAY -- for the hours, days, years, and lifetime of love she has given to you. Mom, I said a special prayer to you today.

"The hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world."
-W.R. Wallace

Blessed be the Moms of the world. More next week … have a wonderful week!

Sherree Hyde
Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast