Come Again?
Repeat (ree-peet) v. 1. To do or say something again. 2. To tell to another. –adopted from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

Come again? Even though I am a creature of habit, I’m beginning to believe that it is not such a bad thing. This week, especially, reminded me that the habit of returning to the magic of Brigadoon is becoming a repeat practice of many of my favorite guests …

Take the case of Dave & Nancy of Clarkston. Running away again (this was their 4th visit to Brigadoon) from their hectic jobs in the Detroit area was their mission this week, and achieve it they did. I can relate to those feelings, when you work too many hours and feel like you are tethered to your computer and cell phone … and the need to leave it behind for some precious time of relaxation. After 2 short days of just sleeping & eating & reading & conversation, Nancy & Dave were refreshed and relaxed, but not quite ready to get back to their daily grind. The Brigadoon magic was so inspiring that they’ve just made another reservation for next weekend …

Or consider the family visit of my brother Dave and his wife Carol, who reside downstate in Cedar Springs (otherwise known as the red flannel capital of the world – but I’ve yet to see them in their winter pjs!). Breaking away from their active lifestyle which includes 3 teenage foster sons, 3 dogs and 4 cats is no easy task, and yet they carved out 4 nights to visit and unwind at Brigadoon. We spent a few wonderful days walking and driving in the beautiful sunshine of early spring in northern Michigan. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed such a great time … and neither have they. Since my move to Mackinaw City, Dave & Carol have visited many times, and our relationships have grown much closer (must be that magic again). In fact, our last 2 days were spent looking at property in the Mackinaw City area, as Dave & Carol are seriously considering relocating to this part of the state.

And then there is the story of Vicki & Andy from Alma. As returning guests, the magic inspired them to get away for a quiet weekend before their summer of kids in sports and dancing and everything-else consumes their time. They enjoyed a leisurely stay in one of our top suites, but only after Vicki received the full tour of the house. Seems she loves all of our suites – and we love her – which means they plan to be back again and again to sample our hospitality on each floor.

New guests this week also included Paul & Charlene of Grand Blanc, who together amazingly have close to 70 years of employment at General Motors (THAT is inspiration enough for a vacation!). Three nights of relaxation, shopping, and a little casino gambling gave them some ideas on what and when their next return visit will be. In early December, Charlene & Paul make a point of spending a weekend together with close friends and family who they don’t see during the actual Christmas holiday – and yes, we talked about making this year’s rendezvous a special one at the Brigadoon Christmas house.

And last – but certainly not least – are Janet & Jerry of Garden City. This couple has been a mainstay at Brigadoon, with many return visits to their "home away from home". About a year ago, Jerry suffered a heart attack and as the story goes, Janet was sitting in the hospital waiting room where she picked up a magazine featuring a Brigadoon ad. Janet thought, "This is the place where Jerry can relax and recover" … and the rest is history. Their multiple visits have been good for their health and their souls, as we have shared much conversation and laughter about their grandchildren, their colorful pasts, and their hopes for the future. The good news is that Jerry’s health is doing great, and life couldn’t be better for them. And they say they don’t need a reason to return to Brigadoon.

Come again? Why not. The peacefulness of the Michigan waterways, the breathtaking view of the Mackinac Bridge, the charm of our inn – these are just a few of the things that are prompting the "recurring habits" of my ever-extending Brigadoon family. That’s a good thing – because life sure is brighter for me when you return for a visit. In the words of American Heritage, my thanks to the many of you who "do something again" by returning here, and also to those who "tell to another" by referring others to us. I value your "repeat performances" at Brigadoon more and more each day.

And if you need another reason for a repeat stay, I’ll be sure to make those incredible cappuccino chocolate-chunk muffins you remember.

"Friends are treasures." -Horace Bruns

Peace, fun, and friendship until next week --

Sherree Hyde
Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast