Murder Mayhem in the Making
Murder mayhem has run amuck at Brigadoon.

Earlier this week, a special guest made a return visit to Brigadoon from her home in Florida. (She must really like Michigan weather, because I always thought that one would rather venture to warmer climates in winter, rather than the reverse?) Despite the chilly temperatures and the frozen waterways, Marty had returned to Brigadoon on a mission.

You see, Marty is a mental health counselor by profession, and a murder mystery writer by passion. Or as she comically described it to another guest, "I cure people by day, and kill them off at night". Her first visit to Brigadoon was last November, when she hastily returned from Mackinac Island on the last ferry, unable to find lodging for the evening. Over breakfast the next day, I learned that she worked there during her college summers, has a lifelong interest in the islandís history and character, and always yearns to return to one of her favorite vacation spots. This fall trip, however, was not a vacation-only venture; Marty was beginning to write her first murder mystery in a unique setting Ė her beloved Mackinac Island.

This visit, Marty came back for a 2 night stay, taking more time to enjoy the scenery while also conducting critical research for her writing project. She tells me that she is more than half done, and that this trip provided a good reprieve for her to chat with island officials and residents about "things" critical to her novel. It was also refreshing to talk with her about the "writing group" to which she belongs; several women mystery writers meet monthly to review each otherís work and progress, and provide feedback over coffee or cappuccino. I found this conversation to be very intriguing, as I have been an avid mystery reader for many years. (No Dad, Iím not considering writing as another career yet). I also learned that there has only been one homicide on the Island, which is the premise for her novel. As a fiction writer, however, Marty has expanded and embellished the characters, while also maintaining accuracy and integrity in representing the islandís culture. I am VERY interested in reading Martyís final product, which she anticipates having done later this year Ė and I will be sure to let all of you know the details when it is published!

The murder saga does not end there. Next weekend, we are proudly hosting our first murder mystery weekend Ė featuring brave souls, um, I mean guests, from Buchanan and Niles. The mystery centers around the disappearance of "Hal" Coppone, Chicagoís notorious gangster and crimelord. Brigadoon will be transformed into a 1920ís Speakeasy, where the guests will enjoy dinner courses between rounds of heated discussions, piercing questions, and dirty accusations (all in fun, of course). More to come on this event!

One last item of mayhem: for a good mystery read, Marty recommends Blue Wolf in Green Fire by Joseph Heywood (Lyons Press 2002). Seems a sprawling yellow Victorian in Mackinaw City is mentioned in two places. Iím off to Petoskey tomorrow to buy my copy!

"The paperback is very interesting but I find it will never replace the hardcover book -- it makes a very poor doorstop." -Alfred Hitchcock

Have a great week!

Sherree Hyde
Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast