Oh Brother
This week’s interesting guest story comes from my younger older brother (I have another older brother who is older than him - does it make sense now?). Mike is up here at Brigadoon for a few days, and it has been interesting to reminisce about our growing up experiences over a few glasses of wine – or in his case, beer, which he fondly refers to as "the nectar of the Gods".

Mike is a professional guitarist who resides in Grand Rapids (our hometown) with his wife Edye and their 2 children, Nikki 17 and Evan 13. Mike amazes me because he works day and night … he is employed by Hope College as an adjunct faculty member, where he teaches guitar students a few days a week. He also has his own guitar studio, where he teaches about 70+ kids & adults of all ages the techniques of playing guitar – rock, jazz, classical, you name it. He is also one of the most talented guitarists in west Michigan, as he is often called upon to "gig" (technical term) with stars that appear at the many performing facilities such as Van Andel Arena, DeVos Hall, and even the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant. Mike’s professional performance vita is very impressive with the famous artists he has performed with; in fact, he told me that he doesn’t expand it very often because "it gets to the point where people stop believing that you have played with so many famous performers". And, to top it off, as if working Friday & Saturday nights "giggin" is not enough, Mike has a standing performance at church each Sunday morning too!

I find it interesting that Mike has carved out a couple of days in his hectic schedule to rest - a first for him - and amazing that he has decided to come to Mackinaw City to relax. (Dad, you lost the bet). Now, I would like to think that he wanted to see his only sister (I’m sure that’s part of it), but he also told me that Brigadoon offers a sense of tranquility unlike anywhere else. Tonight we talked about the stresses of daily life, the concerns of our pending international plights, and the many unknowns that we all will face in the upcoming months. Following our spirited and somewhat distressing conversations, we walked around the block in the moonlight, noting the colorful lights glowing on the incredible Mackinac Bridge. Mike is right – there is something very peaceful about this place, and I know that I am blessed to be able to call it my home.

In this next difficult week, join Mike & I by taking a few minutes to relax and enjoy the peacefulness at http://mightymac.org. Or better yet, make plans to escape to the tranquility of northern Michigan.

"Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice." -Baruch Spinoza

Peace be with you - and the world - this week.

Sherree Hyde
Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast