An Unanticipated Wedding
The day started out with threatening clouds and a brisk wind. Going to the island was on the agenda of many of my guests, but I was more worried about the scheduled evening festivities than the need for umbrellas.

Alas, it didn’t rain in the afternoon as forecasted by the local weather meteorologists.

Just before the appointed hour arrived, the wife of the minister hurried through our front door. "I need to speak with Nick & Kara immediately", she claimed. "My husband is detained on the island, and I need to get the paperwork started before he gets here".

I reluctantly called Suite 202, and an excited voice answered "Yes?"

"Hi Nick, this is Sherree at the front desk", I explained. "You have a visitor here in the lobby; the wife of the minister".

"I’ll be right down", Nick said to me.

Not 10 minutes later, I witnessed a beaming husband-to-be emerge from the second floor landing. His big, white smile was matched by his casual white linen suit, which was graced by a flash of color courtesy of the orange tiger lilies placed in his right-chest pocket. I knew in an instant that the flowers would match Kara’s wedding dress, which was designed in beautiful hawaiian colors in celebration of her heritage. Ah, I just let out a sigh in anticipation of what was coming next…

The minister arrived just a few minutes before they were to depart, and gave a blessing to the groom and his parents for a lifetime of love and happiness. The group set out on foot to their appointed place, to meet the bride and her folks for the casual but important ceremony. Again, I sighed and wished them the best.

Although I didn’t witness the exchange of their vows, I can share with you the beauty of the stunning sunset which was the backdrop of their wedding scene. The evening had progressed into a beautiful clear sky with a mild, soft breeze coming in from Lake Michigan – and you guessed it, the breath-taking ceremony took place on the sandy beach at the foot of the mighty Mackinac Bridge.

Congratulations, Nick & Kara. May your life together always be as picture perfect as your wedding!

"Love builds bridges where there are none." -R. H. Delaney

Until next week!

Sherree Hyde
Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast